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Nutcote bed kit

Nutcote bed kit


This kit makes up a cute small single sized bed with woodland themed details made specifically to match my Nutcote cottage, also available in my store. The kit also includes a little mini Nutcote diorama for placing within your Nutcote or other woodsy cottage.

The first five photos show the finished and painted kit and the last four photos show the unpainted bed after it has been put together. The kit is laser cut from quality plywood.

The bed measures approximately 46mm wide x 78mm long and 55mm high. The bed is quite small, so that it fits better within the Nutcote attic room.

Detailed instructions with photos are provided, and I can be contacted if you have any questions before, during or after construction.

The parts are very small and fragile and must be handled carefully, however the finish you should attain will be amazing if you are careful with them.

You will need a fine craft knife, wood working glue, sandpaper, tweezers and paints and brushes to finish this kit. Small clamps, rubber bands or tape may also be useful to help hold things together whilst glue dries.

This kit is not suitable for small children as it contains very small and fragile parts. It is a kit and therefore must be put together by the purchaser.

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