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Chantilly kitchen sink cabinet kit

Chantilly kitchen sink cabinet kit


This kit makes a wide base cabinet with double sink for a mini kitchen. It has etched plugholes in the bottom of the sink and non-opening doors and drawers. This kit was designed to match with the rest of the Chantilly kitchen kits (here).

The first two photos show the finished and painted kit made up and the third photo shows the unpainted cabinet after it has been made up. The last photo shows the sink cabinet with the wide tall cabinet for comparison. The kit is laser cut from a quality ply.

The cabinet measures approximately 38mm high x 72mm long x 22mm deep.

Detailed instructions with photos are provided, and I can be contacted if you have any questions before, during or after construction.

You will need a fine craft knife, wood working glue, sandpaper, tweezers and paints to finish this kit.

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