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Bordeaux French townhouse kit

Bordeaux French townhouse kit


This kit was loosely based on different buildings in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France. Everything you see in the unfinished kit photos is included, such as the stairs, doors, architraves and doorhandles. The front and roof panels are removable for access to the interior. The kit is made from quality lightweight 3mm ply for the main structure and thinner ply and card for the detail parts. Acrylic is provided for windows. Parts are precision laser cut, and the tab and slot construction gives a neat finish for even inexperienced builders. Detailed instructions with photos are provided, and I am available if you have any questions before, during or after construction.

The first four photos show the unpainted house as it looks made up, and the last six photos show views of my finished example.

The parts are very small and fragile and must be handled carefully, however the finish you should attain will be amazing if you are careful with them.

You will need a fine craft knife, wood working glue, sandpaper, tweezers and a pencil to finish this kit. Clamps or masking tape can also be useful. It can then be decorated using acrylic paints or other media as desired. I have included hints and tips on decorating in the instructions to make this easier for you.

Finished exterior dimensions are 21.7cm wide x 17.8cm deep x 40.2cm high. Interior rooms are 16cm deep.

This kit is not suitable for small children. It is a kit and therefore must be put together by the purchaser.

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